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JOURNAL No. 178, Vol.13 No.10 May 2021
Current Issue
Current Issue

Very rarely do I mention anything about the contents of Cumbrian Railways in this column, as there is a perfectly acceptable list of the contents on the facing page. However, I do want to draw your attention to a couple of features new to us.

The first new thing is the use of a fold-out across the centre pages of this issue. The scholarly article by Stephen Phillips on the Furness Railway Rail Motor and Trailer is accompanied by a fine drawing of the units, and to get the best out of this drawing, more space than the usual two pages was needed. In itself, it is quite usual to include fold-outs, but it is technically challenging, as it is essential that the thing works properly. The drawing on the inside pages is no problem, but making sure that the elements on the back of the drawing all work is the major point. A fair bit of origami and mock-ups of the centre pages was the answer.

We also continue with the series of articles on the resignalling of the WCML, started in Cumbrian Railways 177, and now take a look at each individual box along the route between Carlisle and Lancaster. As you will see, Mike Norris has provided us with a series of very clear diagrams to illustrate the stages in the development of each phase of the signalling work. There are a number of different symbols used on these diagrams and it is clear that some form of explanation of each of them is necessary. We could have chosen to put the drawing key in with the first of the detailed descriptions of the signal boxes, but this would mean constant reference back to this issue. The solution, as our second innovation, is to provide a stand-alone explanatory card showing all the symbols used, and it is included with this issue. Printed on card for protection, it will be a constant reference document to all the forthcoming parts in the series. With this in mind, perhaps it might be worth filing away safely so that it will be available when needed.

Whilst talking of signalling, Mike Norris has also provided us with a list of all of the signal boxes in the Carlisle area and again this will be a useful reference in the future. This list came about following postings on the chat line, but also fulfilled a request I made for a full list of these boxes, as I, for one, was never sure of the names and locations of the vast number of signal boxes that did or do exist.

It is also nice to be able to add to previous articles by the use of the Further To... features in Cumbrian Railways, as it makes sure that everything is properly recorded. The Listed Buildings article in the last issue has brought forth a very fine drawing by Philip Grosse of the Seascale Water Tank. With it he has also set out some background to the drawing.

Over the last couple of issues of Cumbrian Railways, we have featured extracts from entries in the Lockdown Challenge, but as all Summaries of the Challenge are now lodged on the web site and available to download, these have now been discontinued. The Challenge continues to run on our Chat Line and the valuable comments and discussions continue, but it is worth remembering that all the comments made have been extracted and are fully recorded for future use. My thanks to the Lockdown team for posting the images, extracting the information, all the way through to the editing process and the preparation of the regular Summaries, now numbering eleven in total. Whilst primarily a web-based project, we want to make sure that nobody misses out on this valuable information, so if you are unable to access these Summaries on the web site, please get in touch and we can see what we can do to make them available to you.

We have also seen a healthy number of letters on items that have appeared in previous issues showing that we are a healthy Association and an indication of strength of the membership and their willingness to get involved and add to our collective knowledge.

As I write this, the next stage of easing lockdown is upon us, and we can only hope that we can all meet up again to enjoy each other’s company. Rest assured that your committee is keeping a close eye on what is safe to do and our regular meetings will be able to continue as soon as it is safe to do so.

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