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JOURNAL No. 173, Vol.13 No.5 February 2020
Current Issue
Current Issue

A quick check on the membership list showed that out of the 500 members we have on the books, 234 have post codes within the county of Cumbria and a simple bit of mathematics shows us that almost 47 percent (or nearly half) of the members live within the stated boundaries of our interest. Nothing surprising in that you may say, but it is the fact that the remaining 53 and bit percent of the membership is spread far and wide is an equally happy cause for rejoicing. Yes, we have a number of overseas members but the majority can be found right across the rest of the British Isles.

What has induced these members to join us? Perhaps they are Cumbrians exiled from their home turf, or are those that have a love of the railways that serve the stunning Lake District that we are so proud of, or is it simply an interest in the wonderful railways that did and do grace the County?

With this in mind, do we do justice to this group of members in what is offered within these pages? Continued membership does, for certain, confirm this, but to be sure, I ask a simple question of them — are they getting what appeals to them when the latest Journal hits the doormat?

I know it is a hackneyed phrase, but we exist, in the main, to make the membership a happy one and if there is anything that you would like to see in Cumbrian Railways, which is not currently covered, the Editorial Elves would be pleased to hear from you. We cannot promise to be able to fulfil every request but as long as we can find someone that is able to help, we will see what we can do. However, I will not be fulfilling the post of Editor, if I didn’t ask that if you have something that you think that might be of interest to your fellow members, and can produce an article on a subject that has so far escaped us, then please let me know. We would be very happy to extend our collective knowledge on the railways of the County as well as being pleased to publish it.

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