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JOURNAL No 164, Vol.12 No.8
Current Issue

Editorial - : p282
In My View - Graham Worsnop - : p283
Tales from the Lune Valley, Tebay and Carlisle - John M Hammond - : p284
Scottish Presence at Carlisle - Captions by Mike Peascod - : p291
The Low State of Workington Main Station - Brian Quayle - : p294
The new Transport Hub at Workington - Tom Jenkins - : p296
Recording the Non Stop Run - Pat McCarthy - : p298
Maryport Junction - Allan Jones - : p300
Ulverston Station Bikestation - Richard Foster - : p308
Book Review – Private Owner Wagons 14 - David Varley - : p313
Book Review – Smoke Across the Fells - Alan Crawford - : p313
The Furness Abbey Hotel - : p314
Summer Field Trip - : p316
  Long Meg, Armathwaite Signal Box & Cocklakes - Linda Davies
Cumbrian Industrials - : p320
  Moving Locomotives — The Settle & Carlisle Railway - Russell Wear
The Last of the DRS Class 68s Arrive - Ewan Preston - : p321
The Electronic Telegraph - David Hunter - : p322
Happenings (and Happiness) At Haverthwaite - Photo by Andrew Naylor - : p323
Cumbrian Railways Today - John Peel - : p324
Aw Maks o’ Specials - John Peel - : p326
  On Shed in 1946 - : p327
  Gretna Munitions Complex - : p327

Another busy time at this end: much is happening and results should soon be seen. The search through the copy file, mentioned by the Elves in the last issue, has resulted in quite a list of material to be published. To this end, it has been agreed that the next five issues of the journal will contain more pages so that we can accommodate this material. From this current copy, each of the issues up to the end of the volume (October 2018) will have an additional eight pages. This is possible in part from some superb support I have had from our authors but also that we have the financial stability to allow the extra expenditure to be made. Apart from the physical cost of printing the extra pages (our printers, HSP Milners, have given us a good price) the weight of each mailing has to be considered. Apart from the February mailing, which will include the documentation for the Annual General Meeting, the remaining mailings will not alter. The additional cost to send out the February mail shot will be an additional 29p pence per envelope. It is worth mentioning that our Membership Secretary, Alan Crawford looks after the mailing team and he has, for a while, been able to use metered mail which provides us with a very good reduction on postal costs compared with what we would pay if we used the normal ‘over-the-counter’ service.

It was very rewarding to hear from members shortly after the last issue was posted and it is comforting to know that the Journal is being read by you. The content also generates a healthy number of comments on the chat line as well. The comments on the latter medium are reported in the Electronic Telegraph in subsequent issues, and it is this reporting that not only allows members who are not on the group to see what has been said, but also allows a permanent record to be made of a substantial number of findings that help to increase the knowledge on the railway of the area.

Talking of the chat line, this is also a useful tool for the Editor to use. Whilst captioning some images in the issue, it came very evident that my knowledge of the North British Railway was very much lacking, so a quick post on the chat line brought me the information I needed in double quick time. My thanks for their help in resolving the problem. Collaboration is the key word, for the information I needed was to go with the fine images from the archive that the Scottish line societies are putting together at the National Railway Museum. My thanks to Jim Macintosh, the photo team leader, for his great help in getting the images for me to use.

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