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The search facility can be reached from a shortcut on the index (initial landing) page, or from RESOURCES, or by following RESOURCES > PHOTOGRAPHS > SEARCH. Do not bookmark the page you are taken to, as attempts to shortcut will fail.

A successful search requires use of one or more valid keywords. These are listed on the "KEYWORDS" page. Use ONLY those offered. Any other text entered in the search boxes will be rejected.

Having decided on your keyword(s) start typing them into up to three boxes - different words of course! ; a drop-down list will appear as you start typing in each box. Select the appropriate keyword from the list then click on same. The full keyword will overwrite the part word you have entered. Alternatively, carry on keying, but make sure that your input exactly matches the offered keyword. For example, use "carlisle" and "furness" rather than "Carlisle" and "Furness".

If you are interested in a particular year range, use only the first box to search from a year, or only the second box to search to a year, or both boxes to search between years.

To keep search results within a manageable amount, there is an upper limit to the number of results which will be displayed. That limit is currently set at 300. If your search exceeds this limit, you are probably using a single keyword, e.g. "station". Adding additional keywords such as location, or date ranges, will whittle down the search output to something more useful.

Some of the keywords are cryptic, for which apologies are offered to the non railway-buff user. Once the whole file has been beaten into submission, there may be some decryption if enough complaints have been received.

There will be occasions when no thumbnail is available, usually when creation and uploading of images has been outpaced by the vetting of keywords.

In time, information on all our 27000+ images will be provided for examination. The current number available can be found at the bottom of the "KEYWORDS" page.

Enquiries regarding obtaining copies of, or of obtaining permission to use, any of our images should be made using the link on our "PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTIONS" page ( HOME > RESOURCES > PHOTOGRAPHS ). Any comments, queries, ideas, or difficulties in making things work should be addressed to the webmaster ( HOME > CONTACT US ).

More records are being made available as time permits.

16th. April 2020: 'OCCURRENCES' page added. Shows the number of times each keyword appears in the database, up to the current limit of progress.