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A new CD of information relating to the Cleator & Workington Junction Railway is now available. This disc contains original files from The National Archive of minutes of the railway and the Joint Committee that was formed between them and their near neighbour, the Furness Railway. The latter company had powers to operate the main line trains of the C&WJR who in turn operated the branches of the main system.

Also involved in the operation of the mineral lines in West Cumberland was the 'Joint Line' which was operated jointly between the Furness and the London & North Western Railways. This railway had started life as the independent Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway before it was jointly acquired in 1878.

To further complicate matters, there was also a tripartite agreement between the three companies mentioned above, though this grouping was mainly concerned with setting rates and tariffs for their traffic as well as for other local railways.

Folders contained on the disc:

C&WJR Board, Committee and General Meeting Minutes 1876 - 1923

Transcription of the above Minutes (searchable by key word)

C&WJR & FR Joint Committee Meetings (also with transcription)

C&WJR Staff Records from the staff register of Traffic department 1879-1923. (These records are in their original form and have not been transcribed)

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