image awol!
Yahoo have withdrawn from provision of chatgroup facilities. For us, this affects the main CRA Chatgroup and the modelling chatgroup.

As a result, the decision has been taken to migrate to a "" chat group. This has been under discussion for some time, as a result of issues with the Yahoo groups, but action has had to be taken directly, in view of Yahoo’s announcement. Arrangements have been made to recover all files and threads from the existing chat groups, so nothing should be lost. As this is written, it is not yet clear where this will be posted and made available to members. Watch this space.

The two new groups are

To join either or both, you need to go to the web site

and either login if you already have an account with them, or sign up if not. There is then a tab in the top middle of the screen “Find or create a group”. Click on this and then enter ‘cra’ or ‘modelling cumbrian railways’ and the appropriate group should be offered. There is then a box to click on to ‘Join this group’. You can then log out of and you should get a confirmation e-mail in due course. After that, post as you do now, using the new address.