image awol!
...are due to the following:

W3Schools for help with HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP - WEBSITE
Javascriptkit for help with Javascript - WEBSITE
Home & Learn for a eureka moment with PHP - WEBSITE
Somerset Heraldry Society for its article on railway companies - DOWNLOAD PDF
The late Cocoa, our cat, for finding Firefox utilities I didn't know existed - WEBSITE BANNED
Jon Duckett's book on HTML and CSS - WEBSITE
Hopefully his book on Javascript and JQuery (OMG!) - WEBSITE
NOP Design for their complex (!!!) and free shopping cart software; ultimately not used but of much assistance in comprehending the flexibility of modern scripting languages - WEBSITE
The late Eugene Reimer for his amendments to the aforementioned NOPCart; again ultimately unused, but the inspiration for taking a breath and jumping in - WEBSITE
Larry Ullman for his "PHP and MySQL" book, which had been on my bookshelf for four years before being studied. Useful for PHP examples; MySQL can wait!
Dynamic Drive for their Image Power Zoomer which saved ten years of effort - WEBSITE
ImageMagick for an incredible ( and free ) major rival to the sliced loaf - WEBSITE
The internet, for answers, information, and mis-information