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The Cumbrian Railways Association is a registered charity and has clear public duties. These are ultimately the responsibility of the Trustees.

The activities of the Association are handled by the Management Committee which consists of the following posts:

Committee members (4)

Currently there are three sub-committees which manage the detail of specific areas of the Association's activities.

Publications - responsible for production of the Association's publications.
Collections Management - responsible for the collections of archives, and other documents, photographs, models, genealogy etc.
Publicity - responsible for our corporate image, publicity material, press releases, electronic newsletter, website, etc.
It is hoped to set up an Education Group in the future to advise on how best to interest younger people.

Aims of the Association
The Cumbrian Railways Association was formed in 1976 in order to foster a widening interest in the railways of Cumbria. The founders were also concerned to draw together the work of those actively researching Cumbrian railway history, to encourage and co-ordinate their activities, and to provide a medium for publication of the results of their researches. At a time when the railway scene of the past was rapidly disappearing, a further objective was to record as much as possible of what remained from an earlier age.

Let's not forget what is happening in today's railways with privatisation, private companies running the railways and the track. We all remember the "old days" with affection in our own particular way but it is also important to remember what happens today is tomorrow's history. Recording the current railway scene is just as important to the group as researching history. We all have a role to play and a contribution to make to the Association; being in the right place at the right time with a camera or notebook can record a unique event for posterity.

Click below to download a pdf copy of our Mission Statement.

Membership of the Association is open to all who are interested in the railways of Cumbria, past, present and future. Whether you are an active researcher or modeller or just enjoy reading about the past glories of the Cumbrian railway scene, please join us.

Subscriptions can be purchased on-line by following the CATALOGUE link at top of this page.

Benefits of Membership

Four copies every year of "Cumbrian Railways", the Journal of the Association delivered to your door
Four copies every year of "Lakes Express", our newsletter
Two one-day meetings per annum in conference format in a Cumbrian Venue (one in November, one in March)
Access to the CRA's extensive collections and knowledge base
Help and assistance with research
Discounts on products
Free copies of certain occasional publications i.e. Modelling Cumbrian Railways, Railwaymen of Cumbria etc.