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(Extract from the Railway Year Book, 1921)


     HAMLET RILEY, Esq. (Chairman), Ennim, Penrith.

     J. W. PATTINSON, Esq., Ravenstone, Nr. Keswick, Cumberland.

     C. J. PARKER, Esq., The Laithes, Penrith.

     SIR J. S. RANDLES, M.P., Bristowe Hill, Keswick.

     R. J. HOLDSWORTH, Esq., Seat Howe, Nr. Keswick.

     R. E. HIGHTON, Esq., Newlands, Workington.

Nominated by the London and North Western Railway. 
     C. J. CROPPER, Esq., Ellergreen, Kendal.

     SIR F. W. CHANCE, Morton, Carlisle.

Nominated by the North Eastern Railway
E. R. TUFTON, Esq., M.P., Upsall Castle, Thirsk.
     MAJOR C. W. LOWTHER, M.P., The Speaker’s House, Westminster, S.W.1.


(Unless otherwise stated, the addressed of the Officers are at the General Offices, as above.) 
     Secretary and General Manager – J. CLARK.
     Traffic Superintendent – J. ROBINSON.
     Accountant – F. STANLEY.
Engineer – J. C. BOYD., 18 Bank Street, Carlisle.
Auditors – JOHN ARMSTRONG, Cockermouth, and
                            CHAS. H. PATTINSON, Whitehaven.
     Solicitor –

Telegraphic Addressed and Telephone Numbers of Principal Departments:- 
General Manager and Secretary             . . .   Clark, Railway, Keswick . . . 39 Keswick. 
Traffic Superintendent            . . .            . . .   Robinson,            ,,            . . . 39       ,, 
Accountant              . . .            . . .            . . .   Stanley,                ,,            . . . 39       ,, 


Incorporated August 1, 1861, for a line from Cockermouth to Penrith. Under an Act of 1863, the L. & N. W. and Stockton and Darlington (now N.E.R.) Rlys. were permitted to subscribe £25,000 each to the undertaking, and to enter into working agreements, the terms of which, when subsequently fixed, provided for the working of the traffic in perpetuity, inconsideration of 33 1/3 per cent. of the receipts for passengers and goods (the percentage on coaching traffic being increased to 35% from January 1, 1889), and 35% for minerals. These two railways are represented on the Board of the Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Ry. by two directors each. Traffic was inaugurated on January 2, 1865.

    Rolling stock on the railway is supplied by the working companies – the London and North Western and North Eastern Rys. The line serves on of the most interesting parts of Cumberland, and passes along almost the whole length of the western shore of Lake Bassenthwaite. The line between Troutbeck and Threlkeld stations was doubled in the year 1894, and between Redhills Junction and Blencow Station and between Penruddock and Troutbeck Stations in the year 1902.

STATISTICS. – Year Ending December 31st, 1920.

Capital Issued
(including nominal additions) –

     Loans and Debenture Stock                               £90,132

     Consolidated (5 per cent.) Preference Stock                 25,000

     Consolidated Ordinary Stock                                307,479


Revenue Receipts and Expenditure of the Whole Undertaking

     Receipts in respect of railway working and of separate

        businesses carried on by the Company, under the
        terms of 
the agreement with the Government in
        respect of the control
of railways     ...                  £66,040

     Expenditure                                                  54,242 
     Net Receipts                                              £11,798

     Miscellaneous Receipts                                        1,168

     Total Net Income                                           £12,966

Dividend. – Ordinary Stock, £2. 10s. per cent. per annum for the year.

Mileage. – Running lines, 30 miles 65 chains; total, including sidings, reduced to single track, 49 miles, 15 ½ chains.

Houses and Dwellings Owned. – 28 houses and cottages for railway servants.

Traffic (originating on system). – Nos. of passengers: 1st class, 6,135; 3rd class, 288,575; workmen, 66,816. Season tickets, 102. Goods tonnage: merchandise, 18.829; coal, coke and patent fuel, 243; other minerals, 138,261. Head of live stock, 31,979.