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The Cumbrian Railways Association was formed in 1976 in order to foster a widening interest in the fascinating history of the railways of Cumbria. Cumbria has enjoyed a remarkably diverse railway history. Starting with locally promoted lines such as those from Carlisle to Newcastle and Maryport in the 1830s and 40s, these were soon linked into the first of the great trunk lines through the area, the Lancaster and Carlisle Railway and its northern partner, the Caledonian Railway. Local lines proliferated round the coast serving the burgeoning coal and iron industries of West Cumberland and Furness, with the Furness Railway eventually dominating the scene in the south and west - and performing a vital role in the development of its home town, Barrow-in-Furness. Across the county ran the links from the Durham coal fields to West Cumberland and along the Pennines came the Settle & Carlisle line of the Midland Railway.

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Our Journal

"Cumbrian Railways", the journal of the Association, is published four times a year, usually in February, May, July and October, the irregularity of timings being to accommodate the circulation of information to members about the autumn and spring meetings. It usually consists of 40 pages of articles, letters, notes, photographs and drawings about wide ranging aspects of the railways of Cumbria, mainly historic, but also including knowledgeable reports on recent developments and an occasional look ahead into the future. "Specials" have their own coverage, with details of routing, motive power, and operators. Past, Present and Future, something for everyone!

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Our Newsletter

"Lakes Express" is the Newsletter of the Association. It also is published four times a year, carries items of news and interest about Railways in Cumbria, forthcoming events and activities for the CRA, and also other railway related and railway modelling groups within the county and developments within the CRA itself.

Being a Newsletter, articles are generally shorter than in the Journal, more in number, but retain the mixture of matters past, present and future. Plenty of illustrations maintain the reader's attention.

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Our Publications

The Association is pleased to announce the publication of its latest title. "Time for Coppernob". Publishing fiction represents a new venture for the Cumbrian Railways Association, but this special story promotes the history of a Cumbrian engine in a unique way. It is a fictional story of two children who are hurled back in time in their quest to solve present day problems with an old Cumbrian steam engine in the National Railway Museum in York. Their adventures follow the real story of old Coppernob. They face danger; there are problems that have to be solved and mysteries to be unravelled. How can they get back to their own time? Can Coppernob’s old driver help them and how can they fulfil their promise to him?

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